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Lizz, the go to stylist in West Palm Beach

Welcome to LetLizz

Hi Beautiful People

I am Elizabeth Belizaire, I often go by "Lizz". I am the founder and CFO of LetLizzDoIt and ElEl De I Extensions. 'LetLizzDoIt' is my first business as a former licensed braider and licensed cosmetologist. I officially became self employed in 2017 right here in west palm beach Florida, thus creating LetLizzDoIt. The following year, while in cosmetology school, ElEl De I Extensions was birthed to provide my ladies with extensions they could trust and rely on.

Elizabeth Belizaire, Lizz of LetLizzDoIt

My inspiration to starting a blog is to have a designated space for all my beauty and wig lovers to come and get great tips and tricks to help them along their hair care journey. And create another avenue to get a little bit more personal with you all.

Hopefully swaying you to why you should choose me as your west palm beach stylist :)

Stay Connected

Whether you stopped by to be nosey or your really interested in getting to know me....

Either way I'm so glad you made it to the bottom of this page! Lemme get that good email address, not the one where all the junk mail goes to! So you can be notified when a new blog has posted. This blog will get all the good information FIRST!



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